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"Nothing like a woman with a brilliant mind and a filthy mouth."
-Unknown (via ithinkithoughtisawyoutry)
Anonymous: Sadly your light years away, guess my thoughts will be with you during late night activities :*

You should come off anon, sweets.

Anonymous: You remind me of Shane from the L word and I don't even think you understand how badly that makes me want to fuck you

I guess I should give a thank you to Shane then.

Anonymous: We used to text often. But don't anymore. And I feel like is used to bug you like crazy.

Anybody I text, never bugs me. Sometimes I just get busy and forget about my phone. Text me again sometime, love.

Anonymous: D:< WILL YOU JUST NOTICE ME ALREADY D; ugh sigh


Anonymous: Do you date plus sized girls? like be honest, whats your limit? and DONT tell me you dont have one -.-

I like a girl who knows how to enjoy herself and be comfortable with herself. If she’s happy with her body, then I’m happy.